The second biggest expense for the animals is feed costs. See below for some information about what the animals eat each week.

A bay roan horse standing next to a round bale of hay
Hank next to his round bale

Chip in towards hay

The biggest feed expense is hay. We go through about 400 lbs of hay a day (give or take). We end up buying about one and a half tons of hay a week. That cost adds up. Horses & goats need hay to keep their bellies happy. We buy large square bales that weigh about 1,000 lbs, each bale cost $225.


Buy a bag of grain

We go through about 500 lbs of grain a week. That is (10) fifty pound bags of grain. Most horses eat between 5 to 12 lbs of grain a day. The goats each get about 1 lb of grain a day. Pricing for (1) 50 lb of grain is between $15-25 per bag, plus tax. Below you can purchase a bag of grain


A horse lying down
Julie lying down

Alfalfa cubes for the horses

We use Alfalfa cubes to help bulk up our horses; we also use them for training purposes. We go through a bag every two weeks.


Treat fund for the animals

Pitch in to help buy carrots, apples, peppermints and pretzels for the horses and goats.


Things we also use regularly and the horses and animals need: loose minerals, salt blocks, loose salt, dewormer, joint supplements, calming supplements, general body supplements, flax seed, and canola oil.