The Goat Squad


One of our goats that we keep on “staff” he is a big eater and loves to munch on weeds and poison ivy!

Mary & Suri

Our two weed connoisseurs these girls love to eat a wide range of brush and weeds.

Our Newest Additions!

Our youngest “staff” members are five kids! Their mothers’ are Mary and Suri. Check out our social media pages for more information.

A small idea with huge results! The eco-friendly way to control weeds and brush. We will offer goat rental services beginning in 2020. Affectionately known as goatscaping, this new (but really old) practice is a great way to get rid of weeds and brush. We will offer daily, weekly and contract options.

For now, sign up below to be on our mailing list!

Excited to be more environmentally friendly? Interested in reducing weeds naturally?

Goatscaping Reservation

Pay your deposit to get set up for having our goats come out and eat your weeds! A natural alternative to chemicals! $50 down and will be applied to the full cost of the service.


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