The Goat Squad


One of our goats that we keep on “staff” he is a big eater and loves to munch on weeds and poison ivy! He is our buck/herd sire and he is very friendly!

Mary & Suri

Our two weed connoisseurs these girls love to eat a wide range of brush and weeds. The two matriarchs of the Hidden Meadow herd these two ladies love to eat and have fun.

Our Newest Additions!

Our youngest “staff” members are five kids! Their mothers’ are Mary and Suri. Check out our social media pages for more information.

A small idea with huge results! The eco-friendly way to control weeds and brush. We offer goat rental services within 35 minutes of central Glastonbury. Affectionately known as goatscaping, this new (but really old) practice is a great way of getting rid of weeds and brush without chemicals.

Our goats are friendly and they love to eat! They are beloved pets that we enjoy sharing! Goats are called browsers because they like to eat a little bit of everything! They enjoy eating brush like prickers, bittersweet, poison ivy and other invasive plants. Since goats are browsers they are not able to clear cut areas. Rather they do what I call, land shaping. They will munch on lots of different things, they will step on and break brush and that is why they are great! That fact is part of what makes them so versatile and useful for properties large and small. One thing to note: Goats need to rest after eating. They are ruminants which means they have to spend time chewing their cud. When we bring our goats out we let them eat for about three hours. After that they are usually full and tired. Pricing depends on the size of the area and what needs to be eaten. Our starting rate is $185 for a herd of up to four goats and a goat herder to come out for three hours. Typically, for medium sized backyards our goats are needed for two to three days (visits).

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Excited to be more environmentally friendly? Interested in reducing weeds naturally?

Goatscaping Reservation

Pay your deposit to get set up for having our goats come out and eat your weeds! A natural alternative to chemicals! $50 down and will be applied to the full cost of the service.


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