Summer Farm & Garden Experience

We want to teach the next generation about the joys of gardening

Looking for something different this summer? Do you want your children to learn more about the outdoors and how things grow? Well, this summer we are offering a farm & garden program. Children ages 6 to 12 are welcome to come and learn about the natural world.

What does it take go grow plants? How do plants create food for humans to eat? What types of plants grow around us? All of these questions are great starting points!

We are offering three weeks of Farm & Garden programs. The program will run from 12 to 4 PM and it will introduce children to the joys of farming and gardening. Each program will have a maximum of five students this way each child will receive one on one instruction. At the end of the week children will have the option to bring home some of the plants they helped start!

Program is: $175 per child for a week.

Weeks of camp:

July 20-24, Aug 3-7, Aug 17-21

*We can also have the summer garden experience run after any of our AM riding programs!

Summer Farm Experience

Looking for some thing for your children to enjoy? Do they love nature and learning about food? We are offering a farm and garden program for children! New this year! We are excited to help the next generation learn about where our food comes from. Each participant will develop their own garden as well as help with our garden!


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