Learning to ride and work around horses is great for kids because it helps them apply what they learn in school to the “real” world. We offer a variety of workshop experiences to help your children grow in their life skills.

School year riding programs

  • Weekly after school riding program
  • Winter Break
  • April Vacation
  • We are open on most one day holidays

After School & During School Programs

New for 2020! With all of the changes due to the Covid Pandemic we know it is important for children to get outside and experience nature. We also know it is important for children to learn how to work together and to demonstrate what they’ve learned.

Price per child per month paid in a lump sum: $100 (total is $300) due before the first group lesson

Price per child per month paid per month: $125 due by the 1st group lesson of each month

Price per family group (2 children) per month paid in a lump sum: $175 (total: $525) (due by the first group lesson of the season)

Price per family group (2 children) per month paid per month: $200 (due by the first lesson of each month)

It is important to us here at Hidden Meadow that we offer programs that work for families. We know that it can be difficult juggling life, school, work & after school activities! We want to help and we want to keep it affordable! Based off of what we’ve seen this summer we know that what we offer is something different. A place where kids can be kids. A place where kids can learn about animals and the world around them.

We are in the process of setting up a schedule. Below are a few things we know.

  • Programs are offered weekly from the first week of September to the first week of December
  • Price is per month for a 1x a week group style program
  • Each program/session slot is three hours long
  • Each afternoon session will include a group style riding lesson, an unmounted lesson (horse care, general horse knowledge) & time to care for their assigned horse.
  • We will offer afternoon group programs Tuesday through Friday tentatively the time will be 3pm to 6 pm.
  • We will have an AM option on Wednesdays* we may add more morning sessions if the need arises we expect to run the am session 9 am to 12 pm
  • We will have at most 4 individuals or family groups per session (i.e. there is a set of siblings that want to be part of the group and 3 individuals. I would allow the siblings to be part of the same group)
  • Programs will be paid per session or per month, see below.

Payment options for After School Program:

After School Program lump sum payment

after school group style program for children ages 6 and up


After School Program per month

this is per month for the program. Must pay for the program each month.


Family Group Lump Sum payment

this is the prepay option for 2 children to attend the after school program


After School Program for Families per month

this is the per month option for 2 children for the after school program. Must be paid each month.


Please Note: we are working on developing this program as well as running our traditional business. We want to provide your family with a fun, educational and enjoyable program. Things may change and the first option for the program may not be available.

Looking for Summer Options?

See our web page about summer experiences

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