From time to time we offer horse boarding at our Glastonbury Connecticut Horse Farm. If you are looking for short term or long term board we can help you. Our horse stable has fifteen stalls, a tack room, a feed room and an indoor wash stall. We are a private facility that focuses on teaching riding to new, intermediate and advanced horseback riding students. If you are looking for a low key, horsecentric equine farm then contact us!

Board Options

Outdoor board/
semi-rough board

Run in attached to a paddock. We supply hay & grain. hay is fed 5x a day & grain is fed 2x a day. Daily watering is included. We clean paddock 3x a week. Run- ins are individual turnout only.

Starts at $325/month

dry stall board/
rough board

A dry/rough stall in our main barn & access to a turnout area (may or may not be individual turnout) Price is for the rental of the stall space only. No feed/ bedding or labor is included in this price. Other Options available

Starts at $175/month

full &
specialty board

Standard full board includes all traditional board offerings including basic care of your horse (hay/grain/shavings/stall cleaning etc.) Specialty board includes all standard care plus extras as discussed in the contract.

Starts at $575/month

Full Board:

Standard Full Includes:

Daily: hay (fed out 5-6 times a day 5lb of hay per feeding), grain (up to 8lb/ day fed in two meals), turn out, stall cleaning, waters refilled/ cleaned as needed/ turn in and blankets changed seasonally.

Specialty Includes:

All of the items to the left and more as agreed upon by you and Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center. Prices vary.

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