When I was a kid I would stand at the bathroom mirror and say when I get older I am going to be this tall. Sometimes I feel like I should have said when I grow up I am going to have to make this many decisions. It seems that most of being an adultContinue reading “Decisions”

Hank’s Journey East

Horses remember things differently. My name is Hank and as you read in the last blog post I was uncertain as to what was going to happen to me and my friends. Most of my life was spent roaming vast amounts of land searching for food and water for me and my herd. It wasContinue reading “Hank’s Journey East”

Season of Thanks

This time of year is one where we should focus on all that we have and all that has come to pass during the year. This time last year Hank was a newly captured horse without any idea what was going on. His entire life was turned upside down and he was probably very confusedContinue reading “Season of Thanks”

What do we offer?

We offer riding lessons for all levels and ages. From 2 years old and up! If you want to learn how to ride western or english then we can help. We offer both english and western riding lessons. Our belief is that each rider should have a solid riding foundation and that foundation starts withContinue reading “What do we offer?”

It’s that time of year!

Best Horse Blankets for under $100. Time to look at and inventory Horse Blankets! Please note, below I offer several recommendations of horse blankets and other cold weather horse care products; which I may receive compensation as I am an Amazon Associate and I will earn from qualifying purchases. Brr! It’s been a wacky fall!Continue reading “It’s that time of year!”

2nd Annual Falloween Event

It is Fall! Who else loves the fall weather and the changing days? The cooler temperatures and the crispness to the air? This year we are hosting Falloween Weekend! That’s right two days of fun!! We have a similar schedule for both days, the idea is to make sure all of our students get toContinue reading “2nd Annual Falloween Event”

Fall Back To Horses

Can you smell it? The crisp scent of leaves and cool mornings, the drier air and the shorter days. Fall is here! That means it is the perfect time to get back to riding! Or try something new and learn a bit about horses. We offer beginner through advanced lessons! No experience is needed! AllContinue reading “Fall Back To Horses”

Front Page Archives

Rainbow Dash is here! On April 30th 2019 Saira went into labor and had lovely red dun filly. Rain (Rainbow Dash) was born around 10:30 PM! The foaling out was textbook perfect. Rain was up and nursing by 12 AM. The next day the vet came out and checked all of her vitals! He gaveContinue reading “Front Page Archives”

Travel with the Mustangs

Well, help support them and help them get acclimated to their new life in Connecticut! Ideally, we wanted to raise the money for transport for the Mustangs before they made the trip East; however time was not on our side and we had to ship them on our haulers’ schedule. Even though we already paidContinue reading “Travel with the Mustangs”

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