What do we offer?

We offer riding lessons for all levels and ages. From 2 years old and up! If you want to learn how to ride western or english then we can help.

We offer both english and western riding lessons. Our belief is that each rider should have a solid riding foundation and that foundation starts with learning how to interact with horses on the ground.

This time of year is the perfect time to purchase riding lessons! Riding lessons are a gift that will provide new riders the ability to think critically and be more aware of their surroundings. Whether you want to purchase lessons as s Christmas present, as a winter solstice present, or as a hanukah present we have you covered.

Why purchase gifts that will break easily or be out grown? Why not purchase an experience for those you love? This experience will help your nieces and nephews, your children and grandchildren learn more about the world around them.

Contact us today! We have many options available.

Hidden Meadow Merchandise

Just in time for the holidays!

Are you looking for something unique and warm? Do you want a new shirt representing Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center?

Then check out our campaign on bonfire!

It’s that time of year!

Best Horse Blankets for under $100.

Time to look at and inventory Horse Blankets!

Please note, below I offer several recommendations of horse blankets and other cold weather horse care products; which I may receive compensation as I am an Amazon Associate and I will earn from qualifying purchases.

Brr! It’s been a wacky fall! My horses have had to wear blankets and then be turned out “naked” and back to blankets. They’ve eaten more hay to keep them warm and to reduce the risk of colic. Please note, not all of my horses get blanketed. I blanket my two warmblood mares and my thoroughbred mare. I also blanket my morgan gelding because he has a fast metabolism. My three girls love wearing their stable rugs as well as their turnout sheets. My morgan gelding like to wear his heavyweight turnout rug when it is below 40 degrees.

Let’s skip the whole do I/don’t I blanket because that is not what I want to talk about today! Today, I want to talk to you about the best horse blankets to buy for under $100. I will also have a few quality horse blankets that are under $50. Why do I chose to purchase through Amazon? Because I am busy and I don’t have a lot of time to wait for other companies to ship out their products. If I am ordering something it is usually because I needed it yesterday and getting a product quickly is important. After all, I want to make sure I have my horses properly blanketed.

At the minimum I like to make sure each of my horses (those who need them) have four blankets, see below for the four types of blankets I recommend. These are my personal recommendations and my recommendations do not substitute for the recommendations of your local vet. I am not liable for any issues that might come to pass if you choose to follow my recommendations.

The four main types of horse blankets

Stable Sheet

Typically has no fill (padding) and is one layer of material. May be a fleece or a nylon material. Stable sheets are not waterproof and are not suitable for a horse to be turned outside with it on. This is also called a show sheet or a show cooler. Some stable sheets double as a cooler. See below for information about horse coolers.

Turnout Sheet (waterproof)

Typically has no fill and has two layers of fabric. A top layer of heavy duty nylon or Teflon with a waterproof top coat (or the woven fibers might be coated in waterproof material) The under layer is usually a non static nylon liner to prevent rubs on a horse’s shoulders, neck and sides. Turnout sheets are great to have around but shouldn’t be used a horse with wet fur as you can cause the horse to get rain rot. I used my turnout sheets for whenever my horses go outside and it is below 60 degrees but above 45 degrees. This is a must if you are turning your horses out when it is cool and rainy. Using turnout sheets on dry, clean horses prevents rain rot.

Stable Blanket (medium or heavy weight)

Typically made out of a sleek nylon material with three layers. The top layer is usually made out of a tightly woven porous fabric. The middle layer is usually some type of fill and the amount of fill determines the “weight” of the blanket.

Turnout Blanket ( waterproof medium or heavy weight)

Fall Greetings! Phase 1

This time last year (October 2018) I had a completely different barn, I primarily had boarders and while I had a few lesson students I was primarily focused on my boarders. I started looking at renting stalls at a facility with an indoor because we did have boarders and we did have people interested in going to an indoor. Then, all of that changed. My business has been “live” for about two and a half years. During those two and a half years I believe it has gone through six or seven versions/ designs/ layouts. It is still growing and changing, like a living breathing thing. I sometimes wonder how it can change so fast and then I realize it is because of me!

Photo by Маша Реймерс on Pexels.com

The Farm as it was: Phase 1

Two horses out in large arena with sunrise in the background
Horses out in the arena enjoying the early morning sun

How did the farm come to be? It all started with the desire to teach a few lessons and a certain fluffy palomino pony. I figured I could teach a few lessons, offer quality board at a competitive rate and build a community that would enjoy their horses. I hoped to find people who were willing to work hard to help build a better home for our horses. Those were my ideals, simple enough right? It turns out that, simple sometimes doesn’t exist. My idea for the above came to reality in February of 2017 with a real “start date” of April 2017.
First and foremost though, I had to bring in some boarders. Since I’ve played the find a barn game several times I knew the places to post to. Within a few weeks I had three new boarders and by April 2017 I was certain I would be able to run the barn and pay the monthly lease fee. In less than three months I went from thinking I could do this to managing multiple boarders and horses while working full time and trying to manage my own horses and build up a lesson program. The town I am in has several horse farms, but my farm was the only one that focused on classical dressage and on all around horse care. I had my niche and it was time to build upon it. During this first phase I had to navigate old self care boarders who resented that I was leasing the full facility. In their mind I came in and overturned the apple cart. I felt their frustration with me but I also had to make the choice to do what was best for my budding business. One of the new boarders had a stud colt that went into full blown stallion mode because all of the mares were cycling since it was spring. We managed him but I told his owner that she needed to make other arrangements. From April 2017-August 2017 I saw multiple boarders leave and a shift in the facility. By September 2017 the farm was my responsibility and I had four boarders. I still worked full time and taught a few lessons but for the most part I was running the farm to try and offset the costs of two horses and a pony.

One of the boarders was my informal barn manager. She was expected to get the day to day things done. I worked it out that she received reduced board for her work. Which worked for everyone for a time. However, as with all things, change was coming and I had to navigate between accepting my farm as a place where I boarded a few horses or a facility that was set up to bring in a profit. I struggled (and still struggle) with looking at my business as something that needs to generate a profit. From September 2017 to November 2017 I vacillated between ideas and purposes for the farm. I made several decisions to reduce my personal expenses so that I could self fund my business since every place I tried to apply for funding gave me a firm no. Their reasoning went along the lines of: “Too much debt to income ratio” “No tangible assets”, “Horses are costly and don’t have a good ROI”, “Market is too saturated with that type of business”. Since, I don’t come from money I was left pinching pennies and learning (I’m still learning) to budget. My horses health and well being was (still is) my primary concern, and I worked hard to put the pieces together. It always seemed I was almost at the cusp of being profitable before something happened and I was back at square one. Perhaps I pushed too much. Perhaps I believed people and believed the best in people too much. By the end of Phase one I was questioning why I was doing what I was doing and yet I kept forging ahead hoping that I would be able to find a profit that would cover the expenses that hung in the background.

black filly cantering in a round pen

I will write about phase two in a little bit.

2nd Annual Falloween Event

It is Fall!

Who else loves the fall weather and the changing days? The cooler temperatures and the crispness to the air?

This year we are hosting Falloween Weekend! That’s right two days of fun!! We have a similar schedule for both days, the idea is to make sure all of our students get to participate!

The dates: October 19th & 20th Saturday & Sunday

Stay tuned for another post later today!

Fall Back To Horses

Can you smell it?
The crisp scent of leaves and cool mornings, the drier air and the shorter days.

Fall is here!

That means it is the perfect time to get back to riding!
Or try something new and learn a bit about horses.
We offer beginner through advanced lessons!
No experience is needed!
All we need is a desire to learn!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

September is the 9th month of 2019! To celebrate the changing of seasons we are offering a few deals! All of these riding lesson deals are $90.

Option 1: $90 for Two private hour long riding lessons

Option 2: $90 for Three semi-private hour long riding lessons

Option 3: $90 for Four group hour long riding lessons

September 2019 Special $90

$90 special. As outlined above you can purchase 2 private lessons, 3 semi private lessons or 4 group lessons for $90 dollars. Purchase today and save money! We normally don't offer this type of deal but we want to encourage our riders to keep riding! Take advantage of these savings before time runs out!


**Please note that the hour long lesson includes monitored tacking and untacking of the horse. Actual ride time is dependent on how quickly students are able to groom and tack/untack their horses. At Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center our focus is on teaching others the importance of horse care as well as safe and practical horseback riding.

Front Page Archives

Rainbow Dash is here!

On April 30th 2019 Saira went into labor and had lovely red dun filly. Rain (Rainbow Dash) was born around 10:30 PM! The foaling out was textbook perfect. Rain was up and nursing by 12 AM. The next day the vet came out and checked all of her vitals! He gave her a clean bill of health and she is absolutely gorgeous. Check back for more updates.

We were in the news!

We had the opportunity to have our local paper, the Journal Inquirer, come out and do an article about us and our mustangs! To read the article click below!

Article about our mustangs

In November of 2018 Hidden Meadow was on the news!

We were on WFSB channel 3 news!
The video below is when Felicia Fountain, owner of Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center, was interviewed about Saira.
This is from when Saira was at the farm for about a week!

We love equines of all shapes, sizes and ages!
We are determined to help reduce the “unwanted horse” pandemic!
We’ve started our non profit-
Hidden Meadow Equine Sanctuary!


Travel with the Mustangs

Well, help support them and help them get acclimated to their new life in Connecticut!

both boys sleeping they day they came to Hidden Meadow

Ideally, we wanted to raise the money for transport for the Mustangs before they made the trip East; however time was not on our side and we had to ship them on our haulers’ schedule. Even though we already paid for their trip we would like to raise money towards their care, training and enclosures! With that in mind we’ve created a horse shoe fundraiser!

Horseshoe Fundraiser

Horseshoe Fundraiser

Buy a "horseshoe" and help the horses on their journey east! Each horseshoe costs $5.00 and you can purchase as many as you'd like. We will hang up paper horseshoes for each mile purchased. We will mark every hundred miles with a real horse shoe! The goal is to get all 3,000 miles sponsored. With that in mind please share and cross post! If you'd like to meet the horses in person then contact us to schedule an appointment.


Spring Special Riding Lessons!

If you’ve seen our Facebook page or previous posts were are bringing home some mustangs as ambassadors for the free roaming wild horses of the west!

To help give these horses a great start we are running a special to establish a fund especially for them. See below for a few riding package specials!

Excellent opportunity for the new rider looking to save money on a fun new activity.
Pricing is comparable to what we offer on Groupon! Save now on adult outdoor activities as well as children’s outdoor activities. We are offering a great horseback riding lesson deal. This is over a 20% savings! We have a flexible schedule and great riding instructors. We want to work with you and help you enjoy the outdoors!

Buy Now! Special Riding Lesson Package

Six Pack Private Riding Lessons Plus 2 (Total Eight Lessons)

Buy a Six pack of lessons and get 2 additional lessons for free! Each lesson lasts 45-60 minutes depending on the age and skill level of the rider! We will start from the ground up for the beginner rider. Call or text 860-532-5898 once you've purchased your lesson package to set up your first lesson!


Summer Full of Riding!

This package is for the individual that wants to purchase riding lessons in bulk. This includes weekly private lessons from May 1st to August 31st. It is one lesson per week. Lessons are to be scheduled ahead of time and a set lesson time will be established. To change a lesson we require at least a 48 hour notice. Summer full of Riding costs $450.


Please share this link and purchase lessons!
Your help means these horses get the opportunity to learn about humans and being spoiled!

Buy a Semi-Private Riding Lesson Package!

Six Pack Semi Private Riding Lesson Package Plus Two (8 lessons)

Must call ahead to make sure a group lesson is available. Buy a Six pack of lessons and get 2 additional lessons for free! Each lesson lasts 45-60 minutes depending on the age and skill level of the riders! Perfect for people looking to get back into riding and want to ride with others! Call or text 860-532-5898 once you've purchased your lesson package to set up your first lesson!


Be On The Look Out

Remember this Friday is Black Friday and we will be updating and posting some specials on riding lessons, leases and summer camp!

-Felicia Fountain

Do you want to make a recommendation about a service or a package we should offer? Drop us a line!

Hara would love to know what you are looking for! We are excited to expand our services! We will update you soon!

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