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Meet our Goats

Meredith “Mary’s” Family


Meredith “Mary” is the first goat to call Hidden Meadow home. Mary came to live at Hidden Meadow in July of 2018. She needed more space and more attention. I needed a goat that could eat weeds & poison ivy. Mary has proven just how good she is at doing all of that. Mary is the mother to Aladdin & Igor (by Rogue), Jasmine, Pixie & Ivan (by Ducky). Ivan was sold to a pet home.


Aladdin is Mary’s first baby and twin to Igor. Aladdin holds a special place in my heart since he was the first goat born on the farm. Aladdin is also known as my “$3,000 dollar goat”. He has earned the nick name because he’s had two surgeries and multiple vet visits to repair and monitor a cantaloupe sized umbilical hernia. He was born with the birth defect and it started to show when he was about three months of age. He had his first surgery when he was six months old. He had his second surgery when he was eight months old. Aladdin is a wether and very sweet. He loves to have his hooves and legs scratched. He was born on January 12, 2020 & shares his birthday with Igor, Bear, Chip & Evie.


Igor is Mary’s son and the slightly younger twin of Aladdin. Igor is a Lamancha and was born without exterior ears (goat genetics are weird). Igor is quite certain he is a human and has a YouTube channel, an Instagram account and a Twitter feed. While Aladdin has had many vet visits and appointments Igor is as healthy as could be, despite his belief that he needs all the attention. Igor thinks that he should be the one going to the vet’s. I have had to beg a vet to give Igor attention and give him vaccines because of how obnoxious he gets. Igor is a great big brother to Pixie & Jasmine. Igor is a wether and was born on January 12, 2020. He shares his birthday with Aladdin, Bear, Chip & Evie.

Jasmine “Jazzy”

Jazzy is the oldest of Mary’s triplets. She is very sweet and outgoing and looks a lot like her sire, Ducky. Jazzy is quite vocal and loves to have conversations. She is a momma’s girl and stays close to Mary. Like the her mom and her siblings Jazzy loves treats. Her and Pixie love to play and run around. I am hoping to get Jazzy & Pixie out to weed during the spring of 2021.


Pixie is Mary’s second daughter and was born with elf ears, like Mary. Pixie will probably be the smallest of Mary’s kids. She has lots of personality and loves attention. She loves to copy her older brothers and has learned to give me her hooves for scratches. She will also follow Igor around and try to do what he does. Pixie is more independent than Jazzy but is still very attached to her momma. She loves to climb and run around.

Surprise “Suri” ‘s Family


Surprise “Suri” is an Alpine doe that I purchased in 2018. She and Mary were both born in 2015. Suri is a goat with a lot of character and opinions. She loves her babies for the most part but she also needs her time to her self. Suri can be sassy but is respectful of humans, just don’t forget she is a goat! Suri is the mom to Bear, Chip & Evie.

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