Silent Traveler “Saira”

We’d like to introduce:
Silent Traveler
Barn Name: Saira

Stay tuned for more information about this mare and her adventures!

If you would like to mail a check towards her care you can send it to:
Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center
Attn: Felicia Fountain
PO Box 492
South Glastonbury CT 06073

She came to us on November 5th!
Yes, Guy Fawkes Day!

Here are her stats (At least what we know now):
Saira is about 15 years old, she is a chestnut mare with a scar on her right shoulder; other than that she doesn’t have any unique markings.
She is a petite girl and stands about 14.3 hands tall. We also believe her to be at least part Appaloosa as she has sclera around her eyes and she has a bit of a pushy attitude.

Originally, she was listed as a thoroughbred due to how underweight she was but now that she is closer to her ideal weight it is clear that she isn’t a thoroughbred. Saira is pregnant and we have an estimated delivery month of February 2019; our vet, Connecticut Equine Clinic , saw her on Monday, November 12th, 2018.

We will update this page when we know more!

Saira was rescued in July from a Bastrop LA kill pen auction. A kill pen auction is an auction where horses and other animals go when there are no other options. Those auctions are where equines go and often times they end up slaughtered or dying due to starvation.
Note: This isn’t always the case and the auctions are there because there is a demand for that type of facility.
My focus on taking on Saira is to help promote and bring awareness to America’s unwanted horse epidemic. Horses and the horse industry generate billions of revenue each year!
For more information and numbers, please visit Hope4Horses Equine Rescue Network, ERN for short.

Would you like to donate towards Saira’s care? Would you like to get a periodic updates on Saira and the rest of the crew at Hidden Meadow? If so, please donate (below, multiples of $5.00) and put in the notes that you would like to be on our newsletter list.

Saira Care Fund

All monies sent through PayPal will be put towards Saira's feed and veterinary care. She eats about 20 lbs of grain a day and about 30 lbs of hay a day (she is eating for 2 after all!) you can donate in increments of $5.


I worked with ERN to get Saira and they are amazing! The volunteers work tirelessly to help rehome and save equines (Horses, Donkeys, Mules and more) from Kill Pens and other end of the line auctions. I am a firm believer in breed less and rescue more. At one point I wanted to run a farm where for every foal I bred for I would rescue/ rehome two pregnant mares in need.I have yet to get to that point; but with Saira coming to our farm I am one step closer to fulfilling that goal! An added bonus was Lady! The trailer Saira came on had a load of donkeys- and I agreed to take one (she is my first donkey and she is an absolute love!)

A donkey with shaving in forelock
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