A Day On the Farm- Experiences

This crazy weather is driving me batty. One day it is lovely, the next it is down right cold and windy. I am still relatively young but I have to say, that I find with each passing year it gets harder and harder for my body and mind to adjust to the weather changes. I would love to have some time to just enjoy the animals I care for but, lately, I get to enjoy how much poop they produce. See below photos of the goats munching on hay which gets turned into manure.

Goats working on turning hay to poo
Aladdin & Igor working on turning hay to poop
Evie walking looking left
Another photo of goats turning hay into poop.

I always start out with a grand idea to write something important, interesting and engaging but what happens is a whole lot of nothing. I experience this perpetual sense of writer’s block. It is as though my mind is trapped in an endless loop.

Maybe my mind is trapped in the loop. As I write this post I am wondering about all the things I want to write about, however the moment I want to write things down my idea all flee from me. It is similar to how my mustangs act. They love people because people bring food but actually working with people is a no go.

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  1. katiegirl06460 Reply

    Beautiful farm…love horses, love the goats..:). I have been having a hard time writing lately too. I have ideas and thoughts and then don’t know when or where to put them..:

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