Leaping Into Spring

I don’t know about you but all of this talk about quarantine and social distancing is depressing! Luckily, here at Hidden Meadow, we offer private and semi private riding lessons. Our aim is to make sure people get to enjoy nature during all seasons! Horse riding is a great way to have fun while sticking to social distancing techniques! We work to space our lessons out so that contact with others is limited. We cater to children and adults! We also have a small herd of goats that provide comedic relief and peacefulness. They are a perfect distraction from life. The photo below is of Romeo hanging out in one of our pony’s stalls.

We are open seven days a week and we can schedule lessons for am, midday and pm. We can work around your schedule. Please note we do require at least 24 hour appointment booking because we are a working farm and have to care for our animals! We cannot offer trail rides at this time due to flooding of the Connecticut River. All of our riding is in our large sand arena. We have ponies and horses for all levels of riding. As a special offer for all parents who are currently home schooling or monitoring cyber school we have several competitively priced lesson options- see below. We accept all major credit cards. Schedule a lesson by contacting Felicia at 860-532-5898.

1 hour lesson for 2 children

Looking to get your children out of the house and want them to enjoy nature? Do you want to immerse them in the physical world so that they can better appreciate what they have access to? This is a great option for them! Price is for two children to ride for about 30 minutes total lesson time is 60 minutes. We go over how to brush & prepare the horse for a lesson


Ground lesson with horses & goats

Looking for something for your child to do but they don't want to ride? Then a ground lesson is a perfect solution for them! This is a 40 minute lesson for children to learn about parts of the horse and how to lead and handle them on the ground. We offer this lesson to children ages 3 and up.


We are here for you during these strange and confusing times. Our mission is to help people get back to nature. We want to encourage people to take the time to appreciate how amazing our world is. While we focus on children, our doors are open to everyone and we love meeting new people! Our last option is for adults who just want to get outside and do something different! Again contact Felicia at 860-532-5898 to schedule a lesson/appointment.

One hour of nature

This is for adults who just need a break from work, life, home, or being inside. Come and spend time with our animals. Take in the gorgeous views of the Connecticut River Valley and maybe dig in the soil. We strive to provide a place of peace and relaxation. As one of our community members put it- time stops when your at Hidden Meadow. Sometimes all you need is a little relaxation.


If you or someone you know needs a break then come to Hidden Meadow where our animals offer a sense of peace and relaxation. There is something for everyone here and we want people to enjoy what we have to offer. We look forward to seeing you!

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