It’s that time of year!

Best Horse Blankets for under $100.

Time to look at and inventory Horse Blankets!

Please note, below I offer several recommendations of horse blankets and other cold weather horse care products; which I may receive compensation as I am an Amazon Associate and I will earn from qualifying purchases.

Brr! It’s been a wacky fall! My horses have had to wear blankets and then be turned out “naked” and back to blankets. They’ve eaten more hay to keep them warm and to reduce the risk of colic. Please note, not all of my horses get blanketed. I blanket my two warmblood mares and my thoroughbred mare. I also blanket my morgan gelding because he has a fast metabolism. My three girls love wearing their stable rugs as well as their turnout sheets. My morgan gelding like to wear his heavyweight turnout rug when it is below 40 degrees.

Let’s skip the whole do I/don’t I blanket because that is not what I want to talk about today! Today, I want to talk to you about the best horse blankets to buy for under $100. I will also have a few quality horse blankets that are under $50. Why do I chose to purchase through Amazon? Because I am busy and I don’t have a lot of time to wait for other companies to ship out their products. If I am ordering something it is usually because I needed it yesterday and getting a product quickly is important. After all, I want to make sure I have my horses properly blanketed.

At the minimum I like to make sure each of my horses (those who need them) have four blankets, see below for the four types of blankets I recommend. These are my personal recommendations and my recommendations do not substitute for the recommendations of your local vet. I am not liable for any issues that might come to pass if you choose to follow my recommendations.

The four main types of horse blankets

Stable Sheet

Typically has no fill (padding) and is one layer of material. May be a fleece or a nylon material. Stable sheets are not waterproof and are not suitable for a horse to be turned outside with it on. This is also called a show sheet or a show cooler. Some stable sheets double as a cooler. See below for information about horse coolers.

Turnout Sheet (waterproof)

Typically has no fill and has two layers of fabric. A top layer of heavy duty nylon or Teflon with a waterproof top coat (or the woven fibers might be coated in waterproof material) The under layer is usually a non static nylon liner to prevent rubs on a horse’s shoulders, neck and sides. Turnout sheets are great to have around but shouldn’t be used a horse with wet fur as you can cause the horse to get rain rot. I used my turnout sheets for whenever my horses go outside and it is below 60 degrees but above 45 degrees. This is a must if you are turning your horses out when it is cool and rainy. Using turnout sheets on dry, clean horses prevents rain rot.

Stable Blanket (medium or heavy weight)

Typically made out of a sleek nylon material with three layers. The top layer is usually made out of a tightly woven porous fabric. The middle layer is usually some type of fill and the amount of fill determines the “weight” of the blanket.

Turnout Blanket ( waterproof medium or heavy weight)