Fall Back To Horses

Can you smell it?
The crisp scent of leaves and cool mornings, the drier air and the shorter days.

Fall is here!

That means it is the perfect time to get back to riding!
Or try something new and learn a bit about horses.
We offer beginner through advanced lessons!
No experience is needed!
All we need is a desire to learn!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

September is the 9th month of 2019! To celebrate the changing of seasons we are offering a few deals! All of these riding lesson deals are $90.

Option 1: $90 for Two private hour long riding lessons

Option 2: $90 for Three semi-private hour long riding lessons

Option 3: $90 for Four group hour long riding lessons

September 2019 Special $90

$90 special. As outlined above you can purchase 2 private lessons, 3 semi private lessons or 4 group lessons for $90 dollars. Purchase today and save money! We normally don't offer this type of deal but we want to encourage our riders to keep riding! Take advantage of these savings before time runs out!


**Please note that the hour long lesson includes monitored tacking and untacking of the horse. Actual ride time is dependent on how quickly students are able to groom and tack/untack their horses. At Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center our focus is on teaching others the importance of horse care as well as safe and practical horseback riding.

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