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Rainbow Dash is here!

On April 30th 2019 Saira went into labor and had lovely red dun filly. Rain (Rainbow Dash) was born around 10:30 PM! The foaling out was textbook perfect. Rain was up and nursing by 12 AM. The next day the vet came out and checked all of her vitals! He gave her a clean bill of health and she is absolutely gorgeous. Check back for more updates.

We were in the news!

We had the opportunity to have our local paper, the Journal Inquirer, come out and do an article about us and our mustangs! To read the article click below!

Article about our mustangs

In November of 2018 Hidden Meadow was on the news!

We were on WFSB channel 3 news!
The video below is when Felicia Fountain, owner of Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center, was interviewed about Saira.
This is from when Saira was at the farm for about a week!

We love equines of all shapes, sizes and ages!
We are determined to help reduce the “unwanted horse” pandemic!
We’ve started our non profit-
Hidden Meadow Equine Sanctuary!

Published by Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center

A small private horseback riding center located in central Connecticut. Our focus is helping you get back to nature.

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