Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center

Come & Enjoy nature with us

Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center

We are a small farm located in Glastonbury, Connecticut. We are here to provide you with opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. We offer horseback riding lessons, afterschool/afternoon programs, horse share programs, summer programs, pony rides, introductory riding lessons, farm visits, farm party options and other custom events.

NEW: We offer a weekly chapter book on our sister site (see below link) perfect for kids who want to read more about horses and animals.

Dandelwind Equestrian Books

Interested in what happens on the farm? Check out the blog posts below

We now offer Goats on Zoom! If you would like one of our goats to join in on a call we can make that happen!

We are available for calls seven days a week. We have several goats that could join in! We can offer this on a first come, first serve basis. For a quick call we are willing to join free of charge. However, our goats & horses & sheep all need to eat and we greatly appreciate when people chip in towards their expenses. See below link for chip in option “buy a bale of hay”. In comments please mention wanting to do a zoom/phone call.

Programs at our Farm

Why choose Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center?

We are here for you. Whether you want to ride, spend time with or just experience horses and the farm we are focused on providing a low key place for you to meet our horses, goats, sheep and chickens!

Hidden Meadow Goat Squad

Interested in our goats? We will occasionally rent our goats out to eat weeds & brush. However it is on a case by case basis as the goats love the farm! We occasionally have baby/young goats available as well. Please contact us for more information.

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