We offer riding lessons, horse leases & educational opportunities!

If you are looking to get back into riding or if you are looking to learn about riding and horses then you should come ride with us!

Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center

Love our horses,donkeys & goats? Want to spoil them with extra food? Then please, click the link below.

About Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center:

Welcome to Central Connecticut’s hidden horse haven!
We are a community focused equine center.
We offer options for beginner through advanced level horse people.
If you want to learn, then we want to teach!

Be social with us, check out our Facebook page:
Hidden Meadow

For information about all of our lesson packages please click on the button below

We offer lessons for people of all ages! Whether you are 2 years old or 92 years old (or anywhere in between!) we can help you meet your riding goals. At Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center our focus is you!

For the second year in a row we are offering summer riding programs!

We are excited to offer summer horseback riding programs and activities.
We are a locally owned and operated facility in Glastonbury’s historic district!
We are the perfect summer solution for Connecticut kids.
We are located near Route 2 and Route 17 in Glastonbury.

Summer Program 2020 options click on the button below.

Our Equestrian Center:

We offer multiple services to better serve the greater Hartford community!
Our services include:summer horseback riding, riding lessons, horse care classes, horsemanship lessons, horse leases, horse shares, on & off farm horseback riding lessons, on & off farm horse training, and horse boarding.

When we say full service, we mean it!
See all that we offer below!

Education and Horse Care:

Are you looking for a place to learn more about horses?
Or a place to relax and explore the nature around us? We offer day camps during the year for children who want to be outside and away from TV, iPads, tablets and other screens. See what we offer!

Come and experience all four seasons with Hidden Meadow Equestrian Center. We offer home school and sibling lesson packages. With our focus on teaching the next generation about the outdoors and horses we want to be your partner in offering your children a truly unique learning experience. Check out the educational options page or our riding lesson page for more information!

Horse Training, Horse Showing and Preparation:

Are you looking for a place to bring your horse for training, or do you want a trainer to come to your farm and work with you and your horses?
Do you have problem areas you want to solve before show and competition season arrive? Read more about the owner, Felicia.

Chestnut Trakehner mare, Fate's Jewel
Felicia and Fate’s Jewel, a trakehner mare out of FeinJuwel by the pinto trakehner stallion Lord Cosmo.

Read about what we are up to! Check out our blog

Interested in learning about what goes on at our farm? Here are some snippets.

Hank talks Poop

With all of the panic about coronavirus, Covid-19, Hank would like to talk about poop. Specifically, about the fact that humans seem to have an obsession with it. Out in the wild Hank would eat his poop because it was a source of nutrition. Hank believes that you shouldn’t waste anything. So, naturally he likes … Continue reading Hank talks Poop

Payment Options:

We accept:
Credit Cards,
processed through square
Cash Paypal
Venmo Zelle Checks
(personal, cashier’s and money orders)

Please note any returned/ bad checks will incur a $74 charge on top of the price of the service.  If you pay with a bad check we will require you to prepay online or pay in cash.

Are you wanting to know about who we are and why you should join our community?

Then click on the link for About Us!
For any questions you might have:

** Please Note! We try to keep our website up to date but sometimes we get busy working with the horses! For the most up to date information please call, text or email us!**

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